hayley cranberry

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hayley cranberry small is a ceramicist and urban planner based out of new york city. she holds a master of urban planning, a graduate certificate in geographic information systems (GIS), and a bachelor of arts in environmental studies.

hayley's work explores themes including the body, the sick/chronically ill experience, and the relationship between humans and their environment. many of hayley’s ceramic pieces represent the self abstractly, each work a synecdoche that highlights one part of her identity. these works examine physical bodily pain, the cost of being sick in our society, and the associated emotional impact from both. these nods to illness are often juxtaposed with the delicate form and flow of each personified vessel, recognizing the body's natural beauty and imperfections.

hayley is the founder of lutte collective, a community and space for disabled and chronically ill artists.

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photograph taken by aleck venegas