hayley cranberry

chained vessel in tennis ball

pierced fruit basked in yves klein blue
45 | purchase

pierced bulbous vase in clementine
50 | purchase

pierced dome vase in tomato

pierced dimple bowl in creamy pink porcelain, 2018

pierced pedestal bowl in marshmallow porcelain, 2018

lil goth gf vase • pierced porcelain in charcoal, 2018
30 | purchase

pierced melted cereal bowl in midnight, 2018

40 | purchase

pierced dome vase in tiffany, 2018

double-pierced twin sister vessel in marshmallow

45 | preorder

lump pipe in marshmallow

pierced catch-all bowl in marshmallow
30 | purchase

phlebotic self portrait, 2018

stoneware, glaze, rubber tourniquet, sterling silver, metal and plastic medical needle and tubing

4x3x4 inches

marshmallow series, 2018
stoneware, glaze, sterling silver

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