clay earth research project is an extension of hayley's ceramic art work. it is a brand of homeware and art objects, distinguished from her art shown in galleries. the name is inspired by the unfolding of her research into wild clays and geospatial data visualization of clay in upstate new york. it is currently a work in progress.

clay earth research project will debut on september 17th at "a day of simple pleasures," a market curated by arielle shannon and lily frances at honey's in brooklyn.

soil textural chart from united states department of agriculture's natural resource conservation service (USDA-NRCS)

diving into clay research in upstate new york

the interactive map below shows the clay percentages of soil in schoharie and montgomery counties in new york. based on the soil textural chart above, a soil must contain 40% or more of clay texture to be considered clay. you can use the toggles on the right (or bottom if you're on mobile) to show different percentages of clay throughout the counties, but they are defaulted to only show ~40%+. data source: usda ncrs soil survey. this map works best on desktop browsers!